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Marble: Is a very hard stone and 100 % natural. It’s mined from quarries all around the world, cut down to a manageable size, and then polished to a fine finish.

Granite: Each and every piece of granite is unique. Its mottling and host of patterns and colours found in nature make it a beautiful, natural product. It’s also resistant to extreme temperatures. You can place hot pots and pans on a granite countertop and it will be fine. This is the ideal choice of material if you are going for a warm, natural look in your kitchen.


Quartz: Quartz offers a tempting alternative to natural stone countertops. the new engineered material is actually created through a manufacturing process that mixes approximately 93 percent ground natural quartz with 5 percent polymer resins. The result is a super-hard, low-maintenance, natural stone-look countertop available in a dazzling array of colors. And for many of the homeowners choosing quartz, those virtually unlimited color options are what sold them. Quartz resists staining or corrosion from cooking oils, liquids and most household cleaning products — so there's no need for periodic resealing of the surface.

Quartzite: Although still a small share of the countertop market, quartzite is quickly becoming a popular option as a stunning, natural surface solution.Quartzite countertops are similar to granite, for both are immaculate products sourced from nature. True quartzite, although very expensive, is very durable and will better prevent surface etching over time. Every slab is unique, and its phenomenal look, authentic patterns, and impeccable polish provide an unparalleled countertop option.Quartzite care is similar to granite as well, with very little maintenance and timeless quality. 

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